What did Israeli army say about its operation in Jenin?

Israeli army spokesman Daniel Hajari said, on Wednesday, that there is no magic solution to “terrorism”, and therefore operations will continue in Jenin to reach all those he described as “wanted”.

Hajari claimed, in an interview with the Ynet studio, that the operation achieved its goals represented in preventing Jenin and its camp from being a haven for militants, in addition to damaging the infrastructure of the armed cells, with a focus on manufacturing factories and the production of explosive devices.

He pointed out that the control, control and surveillance rooms were destroyed with cameras surrounding all areas of the camp to help the armed cells to control it in a way that makes it difficult for the Israeli army forces to operate in it.

“The joint operation with the Shin Bet, which provided excellent intelligence, allowed our forces to neutralize the threats that we found, and there were large and accurate air operations,” Hagari said.

He pointed out that his forces killed 12 armed men, according to his claim, and arrested 300 suspects who are being interrogated by the Shin Bet, pointing out that 30 of them were those who were being searched for, and hundreds of explosives, weapons, ammunition, money, and important places for storing weapons and others were found.

Hajari said, “In the end, we have to remember that there is no silver bullet for terrorism. This requires us to continue working, and we will return to Jenin as soon as we have intelligence about activists or wanted persons planning attacks.”

Regarding the lack of access to the perpetrators of the “Harmish” operation near Tulkarm, which led to the killing of a settler, and it is believed that the perpetrators reached the Jenin camp, the Israeli army spokesman said: This was one of the objectives of the operation, but there is an important rule in our operations, which is that if early intelligence information is available, it Risks can be taken to thwart any attacks, but unfortunately there was no information, but we will get to the person who carried out this attack and hold him accountable.

He claimed that his forces worked according to a systematic plan drawn from the depth of intelligence led by the Shin Bet, whose officers worked in the operation and accompanied the soldiers on their missions, and this achieves good results.

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