Pakistani PM: What ‘Israel’ is doing in West Bank constitutes war crimes

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif condemned on Thursday Israeli violence against Palestinians in the occupied West Bank, saying ‘Israel’ is committing war crimes “for all practical purposes” and is “encouraged by global silence.”

“Encouraged by global silence and without any care for the consequences, what Israel is doing in Occupied West Bank constitutes war crimes for all practical purposes,” the Pakistani prime minister tweeted.

He added, “Let there be no doubt about it. The killing of 12 Palestinians including five children as a result of the Israeli aerial and ground operations in Jenin Refugee Camp may just be a statistic to the world but they are real people of flesh and blood who are being massacred for demanding their fundamental rights.”

“The sight of thousands of refugees being forced to flee the camp owing to Israeli air strikes will continue to haunt the world conscience.”

Last week, Israeli occupation launched a large-scale offensive in Jenin city, which resulted in the killing of 12 Palestinians and displaced over 4,000 people from their houses.

Hundreds of armed Israeli soldiers and military vehicles stormed the camp and adjacent areas in the early hours of Monday, under heavy cover from helicopters. The Jenin refugee camp was left in ruins following the assault, with infrastructure and buildings heavily damaged, leaving thousands of people without access to basic resources.

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