Israel settlers storm Greek Orthodox Church in Jerusalem

Two Israeli settlers stormed the Orthodox Church complex in the Mount Zion area of occupied Jerusalem, laid blankets on the ground and announced that they would remain there.

A video shared on TikTok yesterday morning showed the two settlers sitting on the church grounds as they spread items they brought with them.

When a church official asked them to leave the settlers started shouting insults, obscene and racist slurs towards him, telling him to “get out” of the grounds, and claiming that “Mount Zion belongs to the Jewish people”, adding that every minute the church remains standing is considered “looting”.

The Orthodox Church has been battling settler associations supported by the Israeli government which claim the land the church is situated on belongs to Jews.

Staff at the church said the settlers were armed and had frightened personnel.

After hearing about the settler invasion, locals gathered outside the church to defend it.

The Israeli authorities and settlers have, in recent years, intensified their attacks against Christian churches and property in occupied Jerusalem in an effort to displace Christians, reduce their numbers and steal their property.

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