Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem banned from celebrating achievement of students in the general exams

Palestinians seeking to celebrate the successful achievement of East Jerusalem high school students in the general matriculation exams were banned by the Israeli occupation authorities from holding a celebration party in their city, according to local sources.

The Israeli occupation forces today summoned the president of Silwan Club, Ahmad Ghoul, and after holding and interrogating him for three hours at a police station in West Jerusalem, he was ordered not to hold the party in his club or face severe punishment.

The order, according to these sources, was issued by the racist and fascist minister Itamar Ben Gvir, who said in the letter that in his capacity as minister of internal security, he bans holding this celebration at Silwan Club or at any other place in Jerusalem or Israel.

The celebration was planned for today during which prizes would be handed to the students who passed the general exams with high scores, a celebration held every year in occupied Jerusalem.

Israel has been limiting and restricting Palestinian events in their occupied city under different pretexts, a step seen by the 350,000 residents of the occupied city as discriminatory and intended to cancel their presence in the city in favor of Jewish settlers.

The Israeli occupation authorities have closed the offices of dozens of Palestinian social organizations in the city claiming they are funded by the Palestinian Authority.

The 1993 Oslo Accords allows the opening of Palestinian offices in the occupied section of Jerusalem as well as an office for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), and to hold events in the city. However, Israel later reneged on this agreement and closed the PLO office and all other Palestinian offices, including the Chamber of Commerce. It is currently targeting Palestinian schools in the city, barring them from teaching the Palestinian curriculum and textbooks and replacing them with Israeli-issued and distorted textbooks.

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