Israeli soldiers forced a disabled Palestinian man out of his car and then seized it

Israeli occupation soldiers last night seized the car of a disabled Palestinian man when he arrived at an army checkpoint south of Ramallah, according to the car owner Shadi Daraghmeh, 32, from Qalandia refugee camp.

He said the soldiers stopped him at a checkpoint near the camp between Ramallah and Jerusalem as he was returning from Jericho and forced him to get out of the car despite his movement disability.

The soldiers held him for several hours and mistreated him before they decided to seize his car made specially for the disabled and left him in his wheelchair until someone came to pick him up.

Daraghmeh, who spent two years in Israeli jails for his resistance of the occupation and was released in 2016, said his car was totally legal and there was no justification for the soldiers to seize it.

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