Israeli forces raid camp, blow up house, dozens injured

Dozens of Palestinians citizens were shot and suffocated early Wednesday while a Palestinian-owned house and headquarters of the Fatah movement were blown up, following a military raid by the Israeli occupation forces in the Balata camp, south of the occupied West Bank city of Nablus.

Confrontations between Palestinian youths and Israeli forces broke out, as a result.

Medical sources at the Red Crescent Society reported a Palestinian was shot with a live bullet to the chest, and was reported to be in a critical condition. They added that two others were injured with live bullet shrapnel and were taken to the hospital, while four others suffered injuries from live bullet shrapnel and were treated in the field.

They added that a Palestinian was shot with live bullet and was kidnapped from the medical staff by the occupation forces.

Additionally, 85 Palestinians suffered from suffocation and were treated in the field. A child, who fell in a house that was raided by the occupation forces, was successfully evacuated, while another Palestinian was injured by a gas bomb in the head and was treated in the field. Two other Palestinians were injured after they fell and were treated in the field.

The Red Crescent said in a statement that the occupation forces prevented and assaulted the medical staff at Baraka Junction, and prevented them from entering Balata camp to treat one of the casualties, who was later transferred to the National Hospital.

The occupation forces also closed the entrances to Balata camp as they carried out an aggression against the camp, amid the destruction of Palestinian property.

Israeli soldiers fired bullets at the press crews while they were covering the storming of the camp.

Meanwhile, occupation forces blew up an apartment owned by Abdullah Abu Shalal’s family, and a headquarters of the Fatah movement.

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