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Israeli repression units raid sections of Palestinian prisoners in Nafha prison

Israeli repression forces carried out a surprise raid today on Room No. 81 in Section 13 of Nafha Prison, where Palestinian prisoners are held. The raid involved extensive search operations, raising concerns about the treatment of Palestinian prisoners there.

The targeted section, which was subjected to the raid, currently houses prisoners who were recently transferred from Asqalan Prison to Nafha Prison, said the Palestinian Prisoner’s Society (PPS).   

According to the statement released by PPS, the prisoners who were recently transferred from Asqalan to Nafha prisons reportedly experienced incidents of mistreatment and abuse during their transfer. Moreover, their personal belongings were subjected to deliberate vandalism and destruction during the process.

The Yamaz units, the Israeli suppression forces responsible for the raid, have been widely criticized for their methods and the treatment of Palestinian prisoners. Human rights organizations have consistently raised concerns about the rights and dignity of Palestinian prisoners being violated during such operations.

The incident highlights the ongoing challenges faced by Palestinian prisoners inside Israeli prison facilities and affirms the need for international intervention to address these issues.

Nafha Prison, the site of the recent raid, is among the numerous detention centers where Palestinian prisoners are held under Israeli military occupation.  

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