Israeli navy targets fishing boats off Gaza City

Israeli occupation naval vessels attacked Palestinian fishing boats while operating this mooring a few miles off the coasts of Gaza City, according to local sources.

Israeli naval forces indiscriminately opened fire and launched tear gas canisters toward the fishing boats that were operating off Al-Sudaniya coast in Gaza City. The occupation navy also aimed their water hoses towards the fishermen and attempted to sink their boats.

Israeli naval forces frequently target Palestinian fishermen off the Gaza Strip, depriving them of their livelihood sources under safe and secure conditions. These attacks have become a daily occurrence, leaving the fishing community in constant fear and uncertainty.

The ongoing harassment of Palestinian fishermen by Israeli naval forces raises concerns about the blatant violation of international maritime laws and human rights standards. The economic stability and well-being of the fishermen-led households in the Gaza Strip heavily rely on the ability of fishermen to access the sea for their work.

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