Israeli forces turn Palestinian house into a military point near Jenin

Israeli occupation forces Tuesday turned the rooftop of a Palestinian-owned house in the village of Jalboun, east of the occupied West Bank city of Jenin, into a military observation point.

A military force from the occupation army stormed Jalboun and raided the house of local resident Imad Fahmi Abu Al-Rub, turned its rooftop into an observation point and raised the Israeli flag.

They also raided and ransacked the house of resident Fahmi Abu Al-Rub.

The head of the village council, Ibrahim Abu Al-Rub, said that the occupation forces handed the owner of the three-story residential building a decision to seize the roof of the house on the third floor without specifying a time period before they set up a military tent and raised Israeli flags.

He added that school hours were suspended today, noting that citizens went out in solidarity with the building owners to denounce the occupation policy of seizing the rooftop of the house.

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