Gaza’s Kidney Failure Patients Face Danger.

Gaza’s Ministry of Health warned on Wednesday that dialysis departments would cease operations within days due to a shortage of medical consumables.

The Ministry said, in a press conference, “There were about 1,100 patients with kidney failure, including 38 children, who had about three weekly dialysis sessions.”

“Due to a shortage of the medical supplies required to carry out dialysis sessions, they are currently anticipating with great fear and anxiety their inability to receive more dialysis service.” The Ministry added,

It also stressed that “the Israeli occupation is the main cause of the suffering of patients in the Gaza Strip, and their suffering has worsened as a result of Israel’s ongoing siege that has been imposed on Gaza Strip for for 17 years”

The Ministry of Health indicated that its stores are “completely empty” of dialysis filters, cannulas, and blood transfusion tubes, and what is available in the dialysis departments is about to run out.

The Ministry of Health has urged the relevant authorities to act urgently and immediately to save kidney failure patients.

The Ministry has also called on human rights organizations and humanitarian organizations to condemn and criminalize Israel’s practices against Palestinian patients. “Israel is causing them to lose their lives by depriving them of treatment inside the Gaza Strip, preventing them from going out for treatment outside the Gaza Strip, and being stubborn in bringing in their medical and diagnostic equipment to the besieged Strip.”

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