Palestine rescue team sent to flood-hit Libya for urgent action and response returns home safely

The State of Palestine’s urgent intervention and response team returned safely to Palestine following eight days of humanitarian mission in the Derna region, which was severely damaged and resulted in thousands of victims, in addition to a large number of missing and displaced people as a result of the hurricane and major floods that struck the city 10 days ago.

The minister of foreign affairs and expatriates, Riyad al-Malki, affirmed that the dispatch of Palestine rescue team, who worked in difficult and challenging circumstances to help in the rescue missions, is an expression of our solidarity with the Libyan people in tackling this disaster.

The minister said that the Palestinian International Cooperation Agency (PICA) oversaw the rescue team management and work coordination in collaboration with the Embassy of Palestine in Tripol, Its Consulate General in Benghazi city, and the representatives of the Palestinian community and political factions in Libya.

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