As olive harvest begins, Israeli settlers destroy dozens of trees east of Salfit

Israeli settlers today uprooted and destroyed dozens of olive trees belonging to two Palestinian brothers In the village of Yasouf, east of Salfit, said a local official.

Head of Yasouf village council, Saleh Yasin, said that settlers from the illegal Israeli settlement of Taffuh uprooted and destroyed around 40 fully grown olive trees in Yasouf village.

The said area is subjected to repeated attacks by setters, particularly in the olive picking season.

The olive harvest is a national holiday and a main source of income for thousands of Palestinian households.

The settlers have been responsible for the destruction of thousands of olive trees in the occupied territories over the years, but mainly around the harvest season to maximize the damage to the farmers and country, without anyone ever being arrested or charged with vandalism of private property, rather, Palestinians charge, they carry out their mischievous acts under the cover and protection of the Israeli army.

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