Israeli occupation forces impose full closure of Bethlehem governorate

Israeli occupation forces have sealed off all entrances to the Bethlehem Governorate in the south of the occupied West Bank, significantly disrupting the lives of the local Palestinian population, according to Palestinian security sources.

The occupation forces closed with an iron gate the southern entrance to the town of Al-Khader. They also placed concrete blocks the main road leading to the western countryside of Bethlehem.

Meantime, Israeli forces blocked the entrances to the town of Beit Fajjar, as well as the villages of Marah Rabaah and Tuqu’, using iron gates. The entrances to the villages of Za’atara and Jannata were sealed off with earth mounds, while the western entrance to Beit Jala town was shut down with iron gates.

These closures have a significant impact on the daily lives of Palestinian residents, limiting their mobility and access to essential services. These Israeli measures are part of a broader strategy of restricting Palestinian movement in the West Bank, a practice that has been widely condemned by human rights organizations.

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