Israeli airstrike kill dozens of Palestinian civilians in new massacre in Gaza’s Jabalia

Dozens of Palestinian civilians Tuesday were killed in a new massacre committed by the Israeli occupation forces in Jabalia al-Balad, north of the Gaza Strip.

Local and medical sources reported that dozens were killed, and others were injured, after occupation aircraft bombed a residential square in Jabalia camp.

Four wounded citizens were also killed inside Al-Ahly Al-Arabi Hospital in Gaza City, as a result of not receiving medicines and medical care due to the army’s storming of the hospital for the second day in a row.

The occupation army also detained 150 citizens from inside the hospital who were accompanying the patients, and took the wounded out to the hospital yard in the cold.

The forces also detained the medical staff, two doctors, and prevented the wounded and ambulances from arriving to the hospital. Tanks and military vehicles are also seen present in Palestine Square, which is close to the hospital.

Five citizens were a;sp killed in Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City, including an elderly woman and a child, by bullets from Israeli forces.

During the past few days, 26 civilians were killed inside the hospital after the bombing of the third floor of the specialized surgical building inside the hospital, and the bombing of the bridge connecting the building and the emergency department, which led to the killing of six citizens inside the specialized building, four on the bridge, and nine were killed inside the hospital as a result of tank shelling.

Four citizens were killed at the main gate leading to Al Wahda Street, one citizen was killed in front of the administration building, and two citizens were killed inside a vehicle in front of the main security gate of the hospital.

Israeli tanks, vehicles, and military personnel carriers are stationed in the Saraya Square area, roaming the southern area up to 33rd Street, and stationed at the Tayaran Junction from the southern side, and from the northern side at the intersection with the treatment building outside, separating the eastern and western neighborhoods of Gaza City, in the middle amidst artillery and missile shelling and shooting from drones.

In Rafah, health and local sources said that at least 25 civilians were killed, including journalist Adel Zorob, and a number of children and women, in a bombing that targeted three homes owned by families of Zorob, where 14 citizens were killed, the Atiya family, where eight citizens were killed, and the Abdel-Al family, where three were killed.

Later, a number of people were killedand injured in Israeli raids on various areas of Rafah.

Khan Yunis and the Central Governorate are subjected to artillery shelling and raids by warplanes

The death toll in Gaza on the 74th day of the aggression rose, according to health sources, to more than 19,453, while the number of injured reached 52,286, most of whom were women and children.

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