Gaza: 71% of population suffering from acute hunger

Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Monitor revealed on Tuesday that 71 per cent of the population of the Gaza Strip are suffering from acute levels of hunger.

The organisation reported that 98 per cent of the population of the Gaza Strip suffer from insufficient food consumption, and 64 per cent eat grass, fruit and undercooked and expired foodstuff to satisfy their hunger. Moreover, the average access to water, including drinking water, bathing and cleaning water, amounts to 1.5 litres per person per day in the Gaza Strip.

“An impartial and urgent investigation is needed to probe the Israeli army’s torture and murder of Palestinian civilians detained in different areas of the Gaza Strip,” said the organisation. “Testimonies gathered by Euro-Med Monitor teams confirm reports published by Israel’s Haaretz newspaper about Israeli field executions of Gazan detainees. Additional detainees have died after being subjected to extreme torture and mistreatment in the ‘Sde Teman’ Israeli army camp, located between Beersheba and Gaza.”

Euro-Med Monitor added that the aforementioned camp has been transformed into a new Guantanamo-style prison, where Palestinians are held in “open-air chicken coops” and food and drink are withheld for long periods of time.

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