On day 80 of the Israeli war of genocide on Gaza, the bombardment continues claiming the lives of dozens

On the 80th day of the Israeli war of genocide against the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation forces today continued their bombardment on several areas in the Strip, mainly in the center and south, which led to the death and injury of dozens of people, the majority of whom were children and women.

The Israeli bombardment continued following a bloody night after a massacre in al-Maghazi and al-Bureij refugee camps in the central Gaza Strip, which claimed the lives of about 95 people, as warplanes and artillery bombed an entire residential square.

The medical director of Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, Khalil al-Dakran, said the hospital is full of wounded and dead piled up on the floor, in the corridors and tents.

He said the hospital tried to deal with the injured and save their lives as much as possible because there were not many medicines and medical equipment, the intensive care rooms were full and the respirators were no longer enough. “We need medicines, medical teams, and field hospitals. This closure is a death sentence for the wounded and injured,” he said.

He pointed out that infectious diseases began to spread among the displaced people who were filling the hospital’s courtyards to escape the Israeli bombing, and infectious, intestinal, and skin diseases spread widely among them and there were no medicines or beds for them.

In addition, occupation artillery bombed agricultural land near the entrance to the town of al-Zawaida in the central Gaza Strip, and also bombed the vicinity of Abu Helou schools in al-Bureij, coinciding with the firing of smoke bombs in the area.

The occupation warplanes targeted agricultural land at the entrance to the Nuseirat camp while witnesses said the occupation artillery bombed the town of Jabalia, causing fires to break out in several locations.

The occupation warplanes launched a series of raids on Khan Yunis Governorate, south of the Gaza Strip, specifically in the eastern region.

At dawn today, 23 people were killed and dozens were injured after the Israeli occupation warplanes bombed two homes in the Ma’an area, east of Khan Yunis.

The Red Crescent Society in Gaza reported that there were more than 8,000 reports of missing persons under the rubble in various areas of the Strip.

The ongoing Israeli aggression on the Gaza Strip since the 7th of last October has resulted in the death of 20,424 people and the wounding of about 54,036 citizens, more than 70% of whom are women and children.

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