Children’s March in The Hague urges ICC to investigate Gaza crimes

In a powerful display of solidarity with Palestine, children and their families marched to the International Criminal Court (ICC) building in The Hague, demanding justice and an investigation into the alleged crimes committed in Gaza, Anadolu Agency reports.

The event, aptly named the “Children’s March,” drew protesters from various backgrounds who gathered at The Hague train station to voice their concerns and call for international action.

Chanting slogans such as “ICC, do your job,” “Free Palestine,” and “Ceasefire now,” the demonstrators, carrying placards with messages like “Justice for the 9,000 Palestinian children killed” and “Stop killing children,” expressed their unwavering support for the Palestinian cause.

Waving Palestinian flags, the crowd called attention to the need for the ICC to fulfil its mandate and address the ongoing crisis in Gaza.

Bilal Riani, president of the Endulus Foundation and one of the protest organisers, spoke passionately about the situation, stating that what is happening in Gaza is not merely a war but a genocide.

Riani told Anadolu: “The ICC must do its job and investigate the genocide. Those who constantly speak in the case of Ukraine remain silent when it comes to Palestine.”

Larissa-Mae Hartkamp, a participant in the march, expressed concern about the Netherlands providing F-35 parts to Israel, emphasising that Israel should be seen as the aggressor, not the defender.

She directed a clear message to Prime Minister Mark Rutte, saying: “Rutte, stop supporting genocide.”

“We marched to the ICC because we want a cease-fire, justice to be served, and the ICC to do its job,” added Hartkamp.

She underscored the importance of transparency and the need for the ICC to proceed based on facts, especially considering the alleged attempts to cover up the scale of the conflict.

The protesters stressed that the toll on children in the conflict is particularly devastating, with thousands killed and tens of thousands injured since the beginning of the war.

Hartkamp further pointed out the alarming number of journalists who have lost their lives in the past 80 days, describing it as an attempt to conceal the truth.

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