US Muslims expand campaign launched against Biden over Gaza conflict

American Muslim leaders on Saturday expanded a campaign launched earlier this month against President Joe Biden over his handling of the Gaza conflict, Anadolu Agency reports.

#AbandonBiden campaign was first launched by Muslim leaders from Michigan, Minnesota, Arizona, Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

Saturday’s plan to actively campaign against Biden in all 50 US states was announced in Chicago, Illinois at the end of a national convention organised by the Muslim American Society (MAS) and Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA).

The leaders intend to guarantee Biden’s loss in the upcoming 2024 election over his refusal to call for a cease-fire in Gaza, where Israeli attacks have killed more than 21,000 people.

“Biden’s abandoning of Muslim Americans compels Muslim leaders to abandon Biden,” the campaign organisers say on their website.

Speaking at a press briefing during the announcement of the nationwide plan, Hassan Abdel Salam, the spokesperson for the campaign, said: “The idea here is that we will actively, actively campaign against and ensure that he loses his 2024 election.”

“The president betrayed us because he violated the value of dignity and life,” said Salam. “What’s the point of voting for you when you deny 2.2 million (in Gaza) people water?”

Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Minnesota representative Jaylani Hussein, for his part, said the organisation demands Biden be “sensitive and consistent” regarding Gaza.

During his interview with Anadolu this month, Edward Ahmed Mitchell, CAIR’s national deputy executive director, said there is “intense disappointment” among Muslim Americans regarding Biden’s “policy on Israel and Palestine, especially the ongoing slaughter in Gaza.”

“It is very clear to everyone that (Israeli Prime Minister) Benjamin Netanyahu is not accidentally killing civilians while targeting a terrorist group. He is deliberately targeting civilians,” said the civil rights attorney.

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