Death toll surges to 22,600 amid ongoing Israeli genocide in Gaza

The Ministry of Health announced today a surge in the death toll in the Gaza Strip as a result of the ongoing Israeli aggression since October 7, reaching a staggering 22,600. Shockingly, it said, approximately 70% of the casualties are women and children.

Among the deceased, said the ministry in a report, 9,000 are children and 5,300 are women. Additionally, around 57,910 individuals have been reported injured, with a significant proportion being children.

The report highlights the challenges faced by rescue efforts, indicating that 7,000 people are still missing under the rubble, and most likely are thought dead. Obtaining accurate numbers remains difficult due to the relentless Israeli attacks and insufficient rescue missions.

Compounding the crisis, the United Nations and humanitarian partners are encountering difficulties in delivering vital assistance to the northern areas of the Gaza Strip for the third consecutive day, it added. Delays and aggressive Israeli airstrikes in the region contribute to the hindrance of humanitarian aid efforts.

The Ministry emphasized that the amount of aid reaching Gaza is significantly inadequate, with roads destroyed, convoys fired on, and medical facilities relentlessly being attacked. Medical facilities are grappling with severe shortages across all supplies, leaving desperate individuals in search of safety.

The ministry stressed that Gaza continues to endure power outages after Israeli occupation forces cut off electricity supplies, coupled by the run-out of fuel reserves necessary to operate the sole power plant in Gaza.

“Communication breakdowns and fuel shortages continue to impede the aid community’s efforts to assess the full extent of needs in Gaza and respond appropriately to the escalating humanitarian crisis,” the report pointed out.

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