Al-Badia tribes in Gaza: the martyr Al-Osaibi was martyred in defense of sanctities

Al-Badia Tribes Gathering in the Gaza Strip mourned the martyr Muhammad Al-Osaibi from the town of Hura in the occupied Negev, who was martyred at dawn today in the Al-Aqsa Mosque by the bullets of the Israeli occupation.

The assembly confirmed in a press statement, on Saturday, that the murder of the young man, Al-Osaibi, reflects the true face of the occupation, which was angered by the scenes of the worshipers and the embrace of our people in the West Bank and the occupied interior of Al-Aqsa Mosque last night, and wanted to disrupt their prayers and seclusion.

The statement pointed out that the martyr Al-Osaibi “ascended during his defense of one of our women during the assault of the occupation police on her, motivated by his brotherhood and jealousy, and he is the pride of all our Palestinian people everywhere, and what happened against him is a crime in every sense of the word.”

In their statement, the tribes called for the necessity of solidarity and urgent action to rein in the occupation and put an end to its crimes against our people in the occupied interior and everywhere.

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