Data: The occupation committed (1163) violations in Jerusalem

Data documented by Europeans for Jerusalem Foundation revealed, today, Saturday, that the Israeli occupation forces committed (1163) violations distributed among (17) types of human rights violations in the occupied city of Jerusalem during March.

At the forefront of these violations – according to the institution’s monthly report, which monitors the violations of the occupation in the city of Jerusalem – were raids and raids at a rate of 42.1%, followed by arrests at a rate of 17.6%, and siege, movement restrictions and collective punishment at 9.7%.

The report monitored (74) shooting incidents and direct assaults by the Israeli occupation forces in the neighborhoods of occupied Jerusalem, which resulted in the death of Mohammed Khaled Al-Osaibi (26 years) from the village of Hura in the Negev, after he was shot near Bab Al-Silsilah Gate leading to Al-Aqsa Mosque, and wounded 9 others. Dozens suffocated as a result of the occupation forces’ suppression of citizens, in addition to the exposure of no less than 67 citizens to beatings and abuse.

The report documented; The occupation forces carried out (490) incursions into the towns and neighborhoods of Jerusalem, during which they arrested 205 citizens, including 32 children and 11 women, summoned 21 others, and imposed house arrest on 18 citizens.

In terms of demolitions, the report monitored (30) demolitions and the distribution of notices, which included the implementation of 15 demolitions, which resulted in the demolition of 8 houses, a facility and 6 agricultural rooms, and the distribution of no less than 15 notices of demolition, cessation of construction and eviction.

The report confirmed that the occupation authorities pursue a policy of seizing and confiscating Palestinian property as part of their attempt to change the demographic reality of the city.

The report also documents the confiscation of at least 11 vehicles by the occupation forces after stopping them at Israeli checkpoints or during raids, including 6 vehicles owned by current or former detainees or their families, as part of the collective punishment policy.

It pointed out that the occupation authorities seek to impose a demographic change in the city of Jerusalem, and that they employ all their governmental, political and security arms for this. On the other hand, the settlers and their settlement associations are freed to control as many properties as possible in the city.

The report documented 8 plans, procedures, and bulldozing operations aimed at changing the identity of Jerusalem and its Arab-Islamic character, the most serious of which is the Israeli Ministry of Interior’s deliberate removal of the Dome of the Rock from a photograph taken of Al-Buraq Wall and placed at the Ministry’s headquarters in Jerusalem, the publication of tenders for the construction of 89 housing units in the Gilo settlement, and the approval of 3 plans. New settlement construction, in Jabal Abu Game, the industrial zone, and the zoo area established on the lands of Al-Walaja and Beit Jala.

In terms of the aggression against Al-Aqsa Mosque, the report documented the participation of 3,643 settlers and tens of thousands under the name of tourists in storming the mosque, and this was repeated over 22 days. The report monitored 25 other attacks, the most prominent of which was the repeated storming of Al-Aqsa Mosque and the removal of those who were observing seclusion from it during the month of Ramadan.

According to the report, this month, the imposition of restrictions on the access of Muslim worshipers to Al-Aqsa Mosque, during the month of Ramadan, and the assaults on worshipers and the repeated storming of the mosque and forcibly expelling the worshipers from it.

It pointed out that during what was known as the Jewish Purim holiday, which fell on March 6-7, extremist Temple groups launched a major campaign of incitement to storm the mosque during the Passover holiday, which begins on April 15 and lasts for a week. It also employed the customary “disguise” ritual on Purim, directing the settlers to wear the biblical “priests’ costume” as a “disguise” and storm the mosque with it. During the two days of Eid, about 400 settlers stormed the mosque.

The report monitored (40) deportation decisions issued by the occupation authorities, including 22 from Al-Aqsa Mosque, 8 from the towns of Jerusalem, and 10 from the Old City. The following are the most prominent of these decisions:

It documented (14) attacks carried out by settlers, most notably the storming of the Church of the Virgin Mary, assaulting citizens and their property, and performing Talmudic rituals.

During this month, the report monitored 96 permanent and sudden checkpoints, 3 street closures, 2 travel bans, and 11 collective punishment measures, the majority of which consisted of seizing embarrassments for the families of current and former detainees.

The Foundation warned of the seriousness of the settlers’ tendencies to carry out large-scale incursions during the (Jewish Passover) holiday, and to allocate rewards for carrying out the slaughter of offerings inside the mosque, which are among the procedures that could lead to a deterioration in matters.

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