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“Any attack will be responded to from all arenas,” Hezbollah warns Israel

The head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council, Hashem Safieddine, sent a stern warning message to the occupation against the consequences of any aggression, stressing that “the issue of Palestine and Jerusalem is a fundamental axis in all fields.”

Hashem Safi Al-Din said in an interview entitled “Shield of Jerusalem, the West Bank towards a new era” on the occasion of International Al-Quds Day: “The axis united the resistance and became an approach to end the occupation and remove the entity from existence,” stressing that if the West Bank today is the shield of Jerusalem, then we are all a shield for the West Bank. Jerusalem and a shield for Palestine.

He indicated that the axis united the resistance, until the “Israeli” began to lose its temper, and the goal is the same, which is to remove (Israel), stressing that the axis of resistance plans, works, and is ready to confront the Israeli occupation.

He said: “The whole entity is shaking and talking about great pessimism, and the policies of the rulers are the ones that kept the resistance away from the people, and when the people move away from the resistance, the enemy takes hold of tyranny and aggression,” stressing that the resistance today is left behind by living peoples and a great people in Palestine

The head of Hezbollah’s Executive Council added, “We are increasing our firmness, determination, and will, and all capabilities will be in the major confrontation that the Israelis seem to be in a hurry for, and we are also in a hurry and ready. The resistance, Netanyahu, is the resistance of unity, ability, strength, and determination.”

Safi Al-Din sent a message to the Prime Minister of the occupation, saying: “Any thing that he will do, O Netanyahu, will be answered in all arenas.”

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