Elderly American woman robs bank in Missouri

The American police arrested a 78-year-old woman in Missouri, on charges of carrying out a bank robbery a week ago, specifically on the fifth of April.

According to local media, Bonnie Gooch was in her car, which had banknotes strewn on the floor, when the police stopped her less than four kilometers from the bank she had stolen.

Police officers said that a strong smell of alcohol was emanating from the seventy-year-old woman, who was found to have a criminal record, as it was not the first time that Bonnie Gooch had violated the law, as she had previously been involved twice in theft of two banks, the first was in California in 1977, and the second in Kansas City in 2020.

It did not know how much money Old Gooch had succeeded in seizing, nor the scenario by which she was able to acquire that money.

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