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Mohjat al-Quds: Prisoner Khader Adnan refuses any offers to end his strike

The Muhjat al-Quds Foundation for the Martyrs, Prisoners and Injuries confirmed today, Sunday, that Sheikh Khader Adnan continues his open hunger strike for the 71st day in a row, rejecting his arbitrary arrest while he is in a very dangerous health condition, and until this moment he has not conducted any medical examinations or analyzes.

Muhjat al-Quds explained that the health condition of Sheikh Khader Adnan, according to the last message that Muhjaht al-Quds received today, is getting worse and his body is visibly fading away and he cannot enter the bathroom, and his body tends to turn yellow, and any movement he makes faints and vomits permanently.

It added that Sheikh Khader Adnan rejects any offers to end his strike by the occupation prisons service, and his only demand is to stop his arbitrary detention and the fabricated charges against him and to be free.

Mohjat al-Quds stressed that the Zionist occupation government bears full responsibility for the life of Sheikh Khader Adnan and the consequent repercussions.

It called on the official and international institutions concerned with human rights and prisoners to exercise their humanitarian role to put pressure on the Zionist occupation to release Sheikh Khader Adnan before it is too late.

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