Israeli forces launch a campaign of arrests and raids in West Bank and Jerusalem

Israeli occupation army launched today, Sunday, a massive campaign of arrests and raids in the cities of the West Bank, in addition to the occupied neighborhoods of Jerusalem.

Local sources said that the occupation army arrested a number of young men in the neighborhood of Bab Hatta, Al-Sahira, Al-Asbat, Al-Saadia neighborhood and the Old City.

The sources added that the names of some of the detainees are: (Fahmy al-Salaymeh, Wissam Sidr, Laith Ghaith, Mustafa Abu Ghazaleh, and Saleh Abu Farha), where the occupation took them to an unknown destination after beating them and tying their hands with ties.

They indicated that the occupation mobilized in the vicinity of Al-Aqsa Mosque, while young men threw fireworks at the soldiers at Al-Sahira Gate.

In the town of Al-Ram, the occupation army arrested the young Jerusalemite Muhammad Jaradat while he was passing through the Jaba checkpoint.

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