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New cyber attack targeting “smart homes” in Tel Aviv

Israeli media reported that a cyber attack targeted “smart homes” in the city of Tel Aviv, one day after a cyber attack targeted the websites of banks and post offices in Israel.

The Israeli Channel 13 reported, late on Saturday evening, that smart homes in the city of Tel Aviv had been subjected to a cyberattack, and “hackers” had published threats to Israeli citizens through their screens.

The Israeli channel published video clips showing terrorist attacks and sudden missile launches on television screens inside the homes in which the “smart home” system was installed, and it was written on those screens: “You have no security in this land.”

The channel quoted a citizen as saying that the curtains in the house were going up and down without stopping, and the electricity went out and was cut off for about an hour, as the attackers succeeded in controlling the electronic control system in the house.

The websites of Israeli post offices and banks were subjected, last Friday morning, to an electronic attack.

The Israeli Channel 12 reported that hacker groups called “Anonymous Sudan” had carried out electronic attacks against the websites of some banks and post offices in Israel, including major banks.

The channel stated on its website that among the main banks that were subjected to the electronic attack were Bank Mizrahi, Discount Bank, Bank Leumi and Bank of Quds, and that until this moment these websites cannot be accessed.

Hinting at Iran’s responsibility for the cyberattacks of Israeli banks and post offices, the Hebrew channel indicated that these attacks coincided with the celebrations of International Quds Day, when mass rallies took place in the capital, Tehran, and a thousand other Iranian cities to celebrate this day.

The channel indicated that some users have confirmed the difficulty of accessing the websites of banks, especially the Mizrahi and Jerusalem banks, and that this closure is likely to be the result of an external electronic attack, and there is currently no fear of leaking customer information.

The channel quoted Osher Ashur, director of the Internet at Oren Israel and the electronic advisor to the country’s Ministry of Defense, that some anti-Israel groups may take advantage of International Quds Day to attack financial targets.

On Friday, the “International Quds Day” marches took place in the Iranian capital, Tehran, and more than a thousand cities and towns across Iran.

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