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Prisoner’s Club warns of the martyrdom of leader Khader Adnan

The Prisoner’s Club has warned of the death of the captive leader Khader Adnan (44 years old), who has been on hunger strike for 71 days, refusing to arrest him, which he has started since the day of his arrest on the fifth of last February.

The Prisoner’s Club said in a statement today, Sunday, that the prisoner Adnan has reached a very dangerous stage, and he is at risk of martyrdom at any moment, especially since the occupation authorities, and until today, refuse to deal with his demand.

The Club confirmed that the prisoner Adnan refuses to take the supports, or any kind of treatment, as well as to undergo medical examinations.

According to the last visit that took place to the prisoner Adnan last weekend, the occupation prisons administration continues to detain him in the so-called (Ramla prison clinic) in a cell equipped with cameras, and the warders deliberately storm his cell repeatedly, noting that the prisoner Adnan, since his arrest and his initiation of the strike, has been under great pressure In addition to a number of systematic abuses, which he faced during his detention in the cells of (Al-Jalameh) detention center for about a month.

The Prisoner’s Club pointed out that until this moment he had not been transferred to a (civilian) hospital, where the prison administration has been deliberately working for more than two years, and in light of our follow-up on a group of strikers’ cases; Delay in transferring the prisoner on hunger strike to the hospital, even after he reaches an advanced stage of danger, with the aim of causing him chronic diseases that are difficult to treat and confront later.

The Prisoner’s Club confirms that Adnan’s case has reached a very complex stage, especially as we are talking about a new experience that he is going through, which is his strike against an indictment against him, as his previous strikes were mostly against his administrative detention, and therefore this strike takes on a double privacy, in terms of ceiling requirement.

It called on all the competent authorities, and the national and international levels, including international human rights institutions, to intervene to save his life before it is too late, calling on the Palestinian people to support him and support him in his continuous struggle against the occupation.

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