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The first comment from the wife of the martyr Khader Adnan on his martyrdom, and this is what she said.

Commenting on his martyrdom, the wife of the martyr Sheikh Khader Adnan, a leader in the Islamic Jihad Movement, said today, Tuesday, that the Sheikh had achieved what he wished for when he was martyred.

And she continued during a press conference in front of his house today, “We bleed for you the news of the martyrdom of the sheikh, which is our pride and honor, even though we would have liked him to return to us victorious.”

She confirmed that the Sheikh’s family will not open a funeral home for the Sheikh, but will receive well-wishers on the martyrdom of her husband, who received martyrdom.

Adnan’s wife vowed to the occupation, saying, “Just as Adnan taught me to love jihad, the occupation must protect the faces of my children well, because they are the ones who will avenge Sheikh Khader Adnan.

The martyr’s wife renewed her husband’s will by saying, “It is the duty of the resistance factions to implement my husband’s will not to touch or dissect his body, for we know who brought the sheikh to this martyrdom.”

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