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With martyrdom of Khader Adnan, 236 martyrs from Prisoner’s movement since 1967

Added to the list of glory and pride, fighting with his empty intestines, the prisoner Sheikh Khader Adnan (44 years old) from the town of Arraba, south of Jenin, rose up at dawn today in his cell (Ramla prison clinic), after he fought a hunger strike that lasted for 87 days, refusing to arrest him.

With Adnan’s elevation, the number of martyrs of the captive movement rose to (236) martyrs, since 1967, in addition to hundreds of prisoners who were martyred after their liberation from diseases they inherited from prisons.

As for the number of martyred prisoners whose bodies are being held, it has reached 13 martyrs, who are: Anis Doula, who was martyred in Ashkelon prison in 1980, Aziz Owaisat since 2018, Faris Baroud, Nassar Taqatqa, Bassam Al-Sayeh, and three of them were martyred during 2019, Saadi Al-Gharabli, and Kamal Abu Waar during the year 2020, the prisoner Sami Al-Amour, who was martyred in 2021, the prisoner Daoud Al-Zubaidi, who was martyred in 2022, and Muhammad Maher Turkman, who rose during the year 2022 in the hospitals of the occupation, in addition to the prisoner Nasser Abu Hamid, who was martyred in December 2022, and the detainee Wadih Abu Ramoz, who succumbed in occupation hospitals on January 28, 2023, and Khader Adnan, who succumbed in his cell in the Ramla prison clinic on May 2, 2023.

The occupation authorities continue to detain about (4,900) prisoners, including (31) female prisoners, and (160) children, including a girl, under the age of (18), in addition to more than (1,000) administrative detainees, including (6) children and two female prisoners. They are (Raghad Al-Fani and Rawda Abu Ajamia).

The number of old prisoners arrested before the signing of the Oslo Accords is 23, the oldest of whom is the prisoner Muhammad al-Tus, who has been detained since 1985. In addition, there are (11) prisoners who were liberated in the “prisoner exchange” deal, who were re-arrested by the occupation, and they are among the old prisoners who were arrested since Before (Oslo), they were released in 2011 and re-arrested in 2014, most notably the prisoner Nael Al-Barghouti, who is serving the longest period of detention in the history of the captive movement, and who entered his 43rd year in the occupation prisons, of which he spent 34 years continuously, and the number of prisoners who spent more than 20 years, about 400 prisoners, who are known as “deans of prisoners,” in addition to dozens of freedmen who were re-arrested in 2014, and spent more than 20 years in two terms. While the number of prisoners who were sentenced to life imprisonment reached (554) prisoners, and the highest prisoner sentence among them is the prisoner Abdullah Al-Barghouti, whose term is (67) life imprisonment.

The number of sick prisoners is more than (700) prisoners suffering from diseases of various degrees, and they need intensive follow-up and health care, including at least 24 prisoners and detainees who have cancer and tumors of varying degrees. The most difficult of these cases today is the case of the prisoner leader Walid Daqqa, who has been detained for 37 years, and the prisoner, Asif Al-Rifai.

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