Two young men murdered, another injured by Israeli occupation bullets in Tulkarm camp

Two young men were killed, and another was injured, by the Israeli occupation forces, after they stormed the Tulkarm camp, today.

The Ministry of Health stated that the two martyrs, Samer Salah Al-Shafei and Hamza Jamil Khreyoush, arrived at Thabet Thabet Governmental Hospital, at the age of 22, in addition to stable injuries in the extremities, after storming the camp with military reinforcements.

The Ministry also explained that the martyr Al-Shafi’i was shot in the neck, chest and abdomen, and the martyr Khreiush was shot in the chest, abdomen and left foot.

A video clip documented the occupation forces’ abuse of the bodies of the two martyrs.

For its part, security sources told “Wafa” that the occupation forces arrested two young men, Ibrahim Shalash (20 years old) and Muhammad Belidi (23 years old), before withdrawing from Tulkarm camp.

In the context, the National Action Factions announced a comprehensive strike in Tulkarm Governorate, mourning the two martyrs, who were executed in cold blood by the occupation forces.

It is noteworthy that 110 martyrs have been killed by the Israeli occupation forces and settlers since the beginning of this year, including 20 children and two women.

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