5 people killed, thousands evacuated after floods swept through northern Italy

At least 5 people have been killed and thousands evacuated from their homes as floods ravage central northern Italy.

And the authorities warned that the worst is yet to come, and said, “The rain has not ended yet, and it will continue for several hours. We are facing a very complicated situation.” Since Tuesday, the region has been exposed to severe storms.

According to the French news agency, quoting police officials, that the number of victims “3 in Forlì, one in Cesena, and one in Cesenatico, may be a German man who lost track of him a few days ago in Rimini.”

Fourteen rivers in the Adriatic region of Emilia-Romagna burst their banks, forcing people in cities like Cesena to climb onto rooftops, where firefighters pulled them out in helicopters or inflatable dinghies.

The Italian fire service stated that it had deployed 400 firefighters, and people trapped in their homes due to water, and drivers stranded in the floods, were also rescued.

The authorities of the northern city of Ravenna evacuated 5,000 people from this city during the night.

Prime Minister Georgia Meloni expressed her “total solidarity with the affected population”, writing on Twitter that the government was watching closely and stood ready to assist.

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