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Hassan Salameh.. 28 years in Israeli occupation’s cells, without breaking

Today, Wednesday, May 17, the prisoner leader Hassan Salameh, from the city of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip, enters his 28th year in the Israeli occupation prisons.

Prisoner Commander Salama, born in Khan Yunis in 1971, was sentenced to life imprisonment 48 times, after being accused of leading Operation Holy Vengeance, which resulted in hundreds of dead and wounded Israelis in response to the assassination of engineer Yahya Ayyash.

With the outbreak of the Intifada (Intifada of Stones) in 1987 AD, he participated in its various activities and joined the mass action apparatus of the Hamas movement. During its early years, the occupation arrested him five times.

He joined the military action in Hamas, and because of the arrest of members of the group he was working with, he was asked to travel outside Palestine, after which he moved between Arab countries such as: Syria, Iran, Libya and Sudan, and he participated in many military courses that qualified him to be a distinguished soldier and military leader.

He returned to the Gaza Strip with the return of the authority, and he was accompanied by the martyr Imad Abbas. The authority arrested them the moment they arrived, and they stayed in the authority’s prisons for five months until the Hamas leadership intervened in the Gaza Strip and they were released.

Several months after his return, he joined the Al-Qassam Brigades in the Gaza Strip, working directly alongside the Commander-in-Chief of the Military Wing at the time, Muhammad Al-Deif.

After the assassination of Al-Ayyash, Salameh planned several operations that inflicted pain on the Israeli occupation and led, according to Israeli sources, to the death of 46 Israelis and the wounding of dozens with various injuries.

After carrying out these operations, the Israeli security services and the agencies affiliated with the Authority confirmed that he was behind the execution of these martyrdom operations, and as a result, the largest campaign of raids and monitoring and follow-up of Hassan Salameh and everyone related or related to him from near or far began immediately.

The arrest incident took place on 17/5/1996, when the occupation soldiers ambushed him on one of the roads in the city of Hebron, and after controlling the car he was riding in, and in an attempt to flee, one of the occupation soldiers shot him and wounded him in the stomach. When a citizen tried to rescue him and take him to the hospital, the occupation forces surrounded him. Salama was kidnapped from inside the hospital, after which he was transferred to an Israeli hospital for treatment and then trial.

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