Injuries in confrontation in Jenin camp.. Israeli occupation arrests a Palestinian officer for allegedly carrying out armed operations

Israeli occupation forces stormed, on Tuesday’s morning, the target area in the Jenin refugee camp in the West Bank, and arrested a Palestinian, claiming his involvement in recent shootings in the Jenin area in the occupied West Bank.

Armed clashes erupted with the occupation forces in the vicinity of Jenin camp, while “Army Radio” reported that the undercover and paratrooper unit arrested a Palestinian suspected of involvement in shooting operations in Jenin.

The “Jerusalem Brigades – Jenin Brigade” said in a brief statement that “our mujahideen are targeting the occupation forces in the vicinity of the camp with heavy and successive bullets.”

And the Palestinian Ministry of Health announced that a young man was wounded by a bullet in the abdomen fired by the occupation soldiers in Jenin, and he was admitted to Jenin Governmental Hospital for operations.

The ministry indicated that the number of injuries by the occupation bullets in Jenin rose to 3, including one in the abdomen, and two injuries in the extremities.

According to Israeli radio, the Israeli army arrested Muhammad al-Asmar, a Palestinian police officer responsible for a series of recent shootings.

According to the Israeli media, the operation in Jenin targeted a wanted man responsible for recent shootings, as the official Israeli radio, “Kan”, reported that the forces arrested the wanted man and withdrew from the place.

As the special forces stormed the Jenin area, sirens sounded in the Jenin camp after a special Israeli force stormed a house on the outskirts of the camp.

The occupation forces sent additional military reinforcements to the outskirts of Jenin camp, where they surrounded a house and demanded that a person turn himself in.

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