Election of Palestine as co-chair of Executive Office of International Stockholm Convention

The State of Palestine, represented by the Environmental Quality Authority, elected a co-chair of the Executive Office of the Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants.

This came during the conclusion of the conference of the parties to the three environmental conventions (Basel XVI, Rotterdam Convention and Stockholm XI), which was held in Geneva, Switzerland.

The election of Palestine, which was represented by the Director General of the General Department for Environmental Protection in the Environment Quality Authority and the national point of contact for the Stockholm Convention, Yasser Abu Shanab, represented the countries of Asia and the Pacific in the Executive Office of the International Convention.

The agreement aims to protect human health and the environment from chemical persistent organic pollutant products that remain in the surrounding environment for long periods, are distributed over large areas and accumulate in the fatty tissues of humans and animals.

The election of Palestine as a co-chair constitutes an important opportunity to enhance Palestine’s international presence in order to review and organize all technical and legal documents and data related to the agreement before its adoption, distribution and approval by the states parties to the agreement.

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