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“29” prisoners from Gaza Strip are on list of “deans of prisoners”

The prisoner Osama Muhammad Abu al-Assal (48 years), from Abassan al-Kabira, east of Khan Yunis, has entered his 21st year in a row in the Israeli occupation prisons, and he joins the list of “deans of prisoners.”

Abd al-Nasser Farwana, a specialist in prisoners’ affairs, said that the prisoner, Abu al-Assal, was arrested on 4/6/2003 and sentenced to 22 years in prison on charges of belonging to the Democratic Front and resisting the occupier.

With the entry of the prisoner Abu Al-Assal into the list of “deans of prisoners”, the number of prisoners in the Gaza Strip who have been arrested for more than 20 years has risen to (29) prisoners; The oldest of them is the prisoner Diaa al-Agha, who has been detained since 1992, i.e. 31 years in a row.

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