Israeli occupation conducts arrests in West Bank

The Israeli occupation forces launched, at dawn and Monday morning, a massive campaign of arrests among citizens in separate areas of the West Bank.

According to local sources, these forces arrested 15 citizens from the village of al-Mughayyir, east of Ramallah, in a campaign of massive raids on citizens’ homes.

The arrests in the village included Hamdallah Adeeb Al-Naasan, his two sons Adeeb and Fadl, Muhammad Tha’er Abu Alia, Badr Hussein Abu Alia, Hudhaifa Jabr Abu Alia, Afif Abu Alia and his son Muhammad, Ahmed Abdullah Abu Alia, Awad Abdel Fattah Abu Naim and his son Fathi, and Saif Haitham Abu Naim. Muhammad Yasser al-Hajj Muhammad, Muhammad al-Naasan, and Afif Shehadeh.

In Ariha, Moayad Al-Sajdi was arrested from Aqabat Jabr camp, and Muhammad Tariq Abdo, and his brother Mahmoud, were arrested from the city.

In Bethlehem, Muhammad Saber Al-Badan was arrested from Tuqu’, east of the city.

Meanwhile, Allam Kaabi was arrested from Rojib, east of Nablus, and the editor, Fouad Farhan, from Deir Al-Ghusun in Tulkarem.

In Hebron, the occupation forces arrested: Sadiq Mazen Al-Qawasmeh, Amir Samir Khalil from the town of Beit Ummar, and Uday Majed Al-Hawareen from Al-Dhahiriya, after they raided and searched their homes and tampered with their contents.

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