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Al-fasfus and Al-masalama suspend their hunger strike

The two prisoners, Kayed Al-Fasfous (34 years old) from the town of Dura, and Ahmed Al-Masalmeh (25 years old) from the town of Beit Awwa in Hebron, suspended their open hunger strike, which lasted for 9 days.

The Detainee’s Club reported that the families of Al-Fasfus and Masalma said that their two sons had suspended their hunger strike, after an agreement stipulated that the ceiling of their administrative detention be set, noting that they are former prisoners, and they began their strike on May 31, rejecting their administrative detention.

It is noteworthy that Kayed Al-Fasfous has been detained since May 2, and he was transferred to administrative detention, and an administrative detention order was issued against him for a period of 6 months, noting that he is married and the father of a child, and a former prisoner who spent about 7 years in the occupation prisons.

As for the peaceful prisoner, he has been detained since February 20, and an administrative detention order has been issued against him for a period of 4 months, which is supposed to expire this month. He is a former prisoner, and this arrest is the third arrest against him, since 2016, when he was arrested in 2016 and 2019, in addition to this arrest.

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