Foreign Ministry demands to stop Israel’s demolition of Palestinians’ homes

 The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Expatriates yesterday condemned Israel’s demolition of Palestinian homes, the latest was yesterday in Ramallah, and demanded urged international and US interventions to bring a halt to this Israeli demolition policy.

The Foreign Ministry expressed its utter discontent with the silence of the international community regarding these Israeli crimes against the occupied Palestinian people, and their content with issuing statements expressing concern that have no effect while the Israeli government proceeds with demolishing the homes of Palestinians under weak and meager reasons.

It said the demolition of homes leaves behind disastrous consequences for Palestinian families who become homeless, adding that it will follow up on these crimes with the International Criminal Court as it calls for urgent US intervention to force the Israeli government to stop all its unilateral illegal actions and to comply with its obligations and commitments as an occupying power toward unarmed civilian population and to join a negotiated political process to end the Israeli occupation on the lands of the State of Palestine.

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