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Campaign in America to release prisoner Abu Daqqa

In these times, the electronic campaign launched by Palestinian activists in the United States of America continues, to urgently release the sick prisoner, Walid Daqqa.

The campaign is based on publishing pictures of this prisoner on the communication sites, as well as a translation of the daily news issued about his health condition, under the hashtag (Free Walid Daqqah).

Activists participating in the campaign are calling on American human rights institutions to intervene immediately to release the prisoner, Daqqa, who has been detained for 38 years, so that he can continue his treatment for cancer among his family, as the occupation authorities deliberately neglect his treatment with dozens of sick prisoners in the occupation prisons.

The prisoner, Daqqa, 60, from the city of Baqa al-Gharbiya in the Triangle region, his health has deteriorated in recent weeks, and he suffers from a rare type of cancer called myelofibrosis, which affects the bone marrow.

The occupation authorities are still preventing him from undergoing surgery to treat his disease, despite the availability of marrow donors, which may seriously affect his health, especially since he underwent an operation nearly two months ago during which part of his lung was removed.

In this context, the prisoner’s wife, Daqqa, confirmed that the Israeli occupation authorities continue to target her husband with medical negligence and slow assassination. The Palestinian Information Center quoted his wife, Sana, as saying, “We visited Walid last Thursday, and this visit came a full month after the occupation prevented us from visiting him.” She stated that her health condition had improved slightly.

She said that her husband has become more stable than before, “however, his complete health condition is still in the dangerous stage, and what increases the severity of the matter is the atrophy of his heart and pulmonary condition after the removal of the right lung.”

She expressed her great concern and fear for her husband’s life, and said that the family is waiting for a new session to be held on June 18, to consider the early release of her husband, stressing that advocacy and pressure activities must continue in order to ensure the safety, health and freedom of the prisoner Walid and all prisoners in the occupation prisons.

She emphasized that what brought her husband to this situation is the “policy of medical negligence” pursued by the occupation, noting that her husband does not need transfers between hospitals every two days, noting that frequent transfers from one place to another negatively affect his treatment and health status.

In Gaza, the families of the prisoners, activists advocating for their cause, and a number of faction leaders organized a stand in front of the headquarters of the International Committee of the Red Cross, to demand the return of the bodies of the martyrs prisoners inside the occupation prisons.

The demonstrators raised pictures of the martyr Khader Adnan and banners calling on the international community to take urgent action towards the issue of holding the bodies of the captive martyrs.

The occupation authorities are still holding the bodies of 12 martyrs, including those who have been held for more than 40 years.

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