Israeli occupation forces blow up family house of Palestinian prisoner Kamal Jouri in Nablus

The Israeli occupation forces at dawn this morning blew up the family house of the prisoner Kamal Jouri in the northern West Bank city of Nablus.

The 130-square-meters house is located on the second floor of a residential building and houses five people.

Jouri was arrested on the 13th of February on allegations he took part in the killing of an Israeli soldier in the West Bank in October of last year.

A large Israeli army force stormed the neighborhood in Nablus where the house is located and evacuated two buildings in the vicinity of the Jouri home before blowing it up hours later.

Confrontations broke out between Palestinians and Israeli soldiers during the raid.

The director of ambulance and emergency at the Red Crescent in Nablus, Ahmad Jibril, said the ambulance crews dealt with 165 cases of suffocation as a result of the toxic gas fired by the soldiers, one of whom was transferred to the hospital, and a young man was injured by a gas bomb in the foot. An ambulance was also directly hit by a gas bomb, causing damage to it.

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