Israeli settlers carry out a series of attacks in Ramallah

Gangs of extremist Israeli settlers carried out a series of attacks tonight against Palestinians and their properties in the occupied West Bank province of Ramallah, according to local sources.

In the town of Sinjil, scores of army-backed settlers attacked homes with stones in the neighborhood of Muzaira, provoking confrontations with local residents who bravely resisted the assault and forced the settlers out of the town.

Fanatic Israeli settlers, backed by army, also attacked the village of Um Safa, north of Ramallah, but were thwarted by local Palestinian residents who gathered in large numbers to confront any attack on the village by Israeli settlers.

Rampaging Israeli settlers also hurled stones at Palestinian vehicles driving through Ein Ayyub junction near the village of Ras Karkar.

These attacks are the latest in a series of attacks by army-guarded Israeli settlers against defenseless Palestinian communities across the occupied West Bank.

Yesterday, scores of vehicles were set ablaze and dozens of homes attacked by army-guarded Israeli settlers in the town of Turmus Ayya, northeast of Ramallah. A Palestinian young man was killed by Israeli occupation soldiers while confronting the settlers’ attack on the town.

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