Premier urges EU to take serious action to confront Israeli settlement policy

Prime Minister Mohammad Shtayyeh called today on the European Union to take serious action to confront the racist policies of the far-right Israeli government, foremost of which its policy of settlement construction and expansion.

Shtayyeh’s call was made in a meeting with the ambassadors, consuls and representatives of the European Union countries to Palestine as part of the Palestinian-European dialogue at the Prime Minister’s office in Ramallah.

During the meeting, Shtayyeh held the Israeli government fully responsible for allowing settlers to attack Palestinians under the protection of the occupation army, saying that settler violence will drive the situation into a point of no return.

“The labeling of settlement goods is no longer sufficient, but there is a need to boycott the settlements at various political, economic and academic levels,” said the Prime Minister.

He called for “the adoption of a blacklist of settlers convicted of acts of terrorism against the Palestinians, and for measures to be taken to prevent settlers of European nationalities from establishing illegal settlements.”

Shtayyeh urged European countries to recognize the State of Palestine on the borders of June 4, 1967, and to protect the two-state solution, which Israel is systematically destroying with its measures.

He also called on the European missions as well as the United Nations institutions in Palestine to play a monitoring role over the crimes of the occupation and the violations committed by the army and settlers against our people.

The Prime Minister said: “We and Europe believe in a two-state solution within a political process that leads to ending the occupation and establishing a Palestinian state, and there is agreement to revive the Arab Peace Initiative as a basis for this solution.”

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