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Israeli occupation forces detained 291 citizens from Jenin since the beginning of this year

Detainee’s Club said today, Monday, “The Israeli occupation forces have arrested (291) citizens from Jenin and its camp since the beginning of this year, the highest in January and February, as the total reached 62 arrests for each of them, and the arrests included towns the whole province.”

The Detainee’s Club confirmed in a statement that the arrests in Jenin have doubled over the past years, with the escalation of resistance operations and confrontations against the occupation.

It explained that a large part of the detainees are former prisoners who spent years in the occupation prisons, including wounded and sick people who need close medical follow-up, in addition to a noticeable increase in the number of administrative detainees from the governorate.

The Club pointed out that the number of prisoners in Jenin governorate is about 600, including two female prisoners: Ataf Jaradat and Yasmine Shaaban, and among the prisoners are (76) prisoners who are serving life sentences, and the last one against whom a life sentence was issued was the prisoner Alaa Ratib Qabha, who He was sentenced to life imprisonment twice during the month of June 2023.

It also pointed out that the oldest prisoner in the occupation prisons from Jenin governorate is the prisoner Raed Al-Saadi, who has been detained since 1989.

The Detainee’s Club stated that three martyrs, prisoners from Jenin, were among the martyrs of the captive movement, whose bodies are being held, and they are: the martyr Kamal Abu Waar, the martyr Daoud Al-Zubaidi, and the martyr Khader Adnan, who died in May of this year after he went on a hunger strike that lasted for (86 days).

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