US stresses Jordan’s role as Jerusalem holy sites custodian

The US stressed Jordan’s role as custodian of the holy sites in Jerusalem.

Deputy Spokesperson for the US State Department Vedant Patel announced in a press statement received by Quds Press on Friday: “We underline Jordan’s special role in Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem.”

“Any unilateral action or rhetoric that deviates or jeopardises the status quo is completely unacceptable,” Patel added.

In a related context, the US expressed its concerns over escalating violence in the West Bank.

The US Department of State tweeted that the escalation highlights the fragility of the situation and the urgent need for immediate steps from both sides to stop the escalation and restore calm.

The US also expressed concern about the so-called Minister of National Security of the Israeli occupation government Itamar Ben-Gvir and hundreds of settlers storming Al-Aqsa Mosque on Thursday morning under the strict protection of the occupation forces.

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