Gaza: Dozens of homes flood due to heavy rains

Dozens of Palestinian homes were flooded, while many roads were closed today in various areas of the Gaza Strip, due to heavy rains, amid warnings from the Meteorological Department that rains would continue to fall accompanied by thunderstorms.

Dozens of houses sank in Jabalia, north of the Gaza Strip, and in a number of neighborhoods in Gaza City, as well as in al-Shatee refugee camp, west of the city, especially in low areas, noting that shops were damaged due to heavy rains, causing serious damage to them and to property.

He added that many roads were closed due to being flooded, and collecting rainwater, which made it difficult for citizens and vehicles to move, amid strong winds, which led to trees and billboards falling.

It is noteworthy that the flooding of chomes and various neighborhoods in low areas in the Gaza Strip occurs annually with heavy rains, due to worn-out infrastructure and worn rainwater drainage culverts that need periodic maintenance work as a result of the repeated occupation attacks on the Strip.

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