Arab League: Israel’s crimes shame it and those that support it

The Arab League has affirmed that the crime in Gaza committed by the Israeli occupation is not only a shame to Israel, but also to those who supported, endorsed, or remained silent about these crimes.

Secretary-General Ahmed Aboul Gheit made these remarks via his videoconference speech during the sixth session of the Arab-Russian Cooperation Forum held in Morocco yesterday.

He called for an “immediate ceasefire,” adding that “anyone who opposes an immediate ceasefire in Gaza has the blood of innocents on their hands.”

Aboul Gheit added that what is happening in Gaza is a massacre, genocide and ethnic cleansing.

The occupation’s plan has become clear, which is to destroy the Palestinian community in Gaza, eliminate the possibility of life in the Strip, or forcibly displace its people so that they might become separated from their land. Then, the Palestinian issue ends and is liquidated, the secretary-general explained.

Aboul Gheit praised the stance of the countries that, from the beginning, have clearly expressed a balanced position, the essence of which is that the occupation and its continuation are the core of the problem and the root of the issue and that the history of the conflict did not begin on 7 October, but long before that.

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