Cameras capture Israel air strikes on ‘safe zones’ in southern Gaza

Journalists yesterday caught footage of Israeli air strikes on areas in southern Gaza, which the Israeli occupation army had claimed to be “safe”.

While Al Jazeera‘s correspondent Hani Mahmoud was reporting from the field live, an explosion was heard in the area and columns of smoke began to rise near the Kuwait Hospital in the city of Rafah.

Seconds after the initial attack, at least three more air strikes hit the same area, which Israel had told Palestinians to move to remain safe. Two journalists were among the at least 25 Palestinians who were reported to have been injured and taken to hospital following the strikes, though the cut in communications means details of those killed and injured could not be gathered.

The scenes showed a state of panic among Palestinian civilians, including children, who could be seen running in all directions amidst the sounds of explosions.

Since 7 October, the Israeli army has been waging a devastating war on Gaza, resulting in 19,667 deaths and 52,586 injuries as of Tuesday, most of whom are children and women, as well as immense destruction of infrastructure and an unprecedented humanitarian catastrophe, according to the authorities in the region and the United Nations. The number of those killed and injured could not be updated as a result of the cut in communications in the Strip.

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