Palestinian youth shot, injured by explosive live bullet in foot during confrontations north of Ramallah

A Palestinian youth was shot and injured in the foot with an explosive “Tutu” live bullet during confrontations with Israeli forces in the village of Kober, north of Ramallah, according to local sources.

Israeli forces stormed the said town after residents fended off a settlers’ attack against the town.

Settlers reportedly raided the town and raised the Israeli flag over the hilltop of the al-Batin area as a prelude to taking over the area, however, they were fended off by the residents and forced to leave.

Israeli forces stormed the town shortly after and attacked the residents with live bullets and tear gas canisters, shooting and injuring a youth with a Tutu bullet in the foot.

Activists managed in the past 24 hours to remove an outpost located on the lands of the village of Kober, in Ramallah, after violent confrontations with settlers and Israeli forces, during which a resident was wounded by a stun grenade, and dozens of others suffocated by tear gas canisters fired by the army.

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